Here is a list of songs you’ll hear in section 114.
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Rain or Snow

We love you so!
We sing for you no matter rain or snow!
You know it’s true
Our love for you!
So win the Cup and make our dreams come true!

TFC! Ole! Ole!
TFC! Ole! Ole!
TFC! Ole! Ole!
TFC! Ole! Ole!


Toronto Boys

Everywhere we go
Everywhere we go
Toronto Boys
Making all the noise
Everywhere we go


Bass Beats Loud

When the bass beats loud and I can hear it
I’m with you ‘till the very end.
If I had another life I’d give it
For you, forever I will stand!



We Hate Montreal

We hate Montreal
And that is just a fact!
When we come to your town, you’d better watch your back!
We come into your stands
We’re gonna fuck them up!
We’re from Toronto and we don’t give a fuck!

Ole! Ole! Ole!
Ole! Ole! Ol-ohh!
Ole! Ole!
Ole! Ole! Ol-ohh!


Without Warning

It happened without warning
I fell in love with you
There’s no way to explain it
Deep down I know it’s true
There’s just something about you
That’s got a hold on me
For you I’m always singing
For you I sweat and bleed!

Ale! Ale! Ale!


We Answer For The Reds

We answer for the Reds from Spring to Fall
And we all hate the scum from Montreal
Toronto ’til I die!
Flags up in the sky!
Toronto you’re my drug you get me high!

Allez! Allez! Allez! Allez! Allez!


 Game Day

I always know just when it’s game day
Because the streets are running red
And all the people, they are singing:
“Toronto until I’m dead!”


I’m Going Crazy

Ohhh Toronto!!
I’m Going Crazy!!
Oh Yes It’s True!!
Something Has Come Over Me I Don’t Know What To Do!!
My Life Is Not Worth Living If I Cannot Sing For You!!


A Girl Named Toronto

I fell in love with a girl from Toronto.
Fell in love with a girl, her was name was Red.
She’s the only thing I live for here in Toronto,
Putting silly thoughts of love into my head.

The beer it fills our bellies
And the smoke it fills the air.
Have you seen a sight more pretty
Than the glowing of a flare?
We do all this for you
Just to show our love is true
Toronto We don’t want another,
We want to spend our lives with you!


Left My Girl

I left my girl at home (Clap, Clap)
Now she’s blowing up my phone
Asking me where I stay? (Clap, Clap)
Told her “Babe, it’s game day”
I’ll be at BMO Field (Clap, Clap)
In the Southstands what I feel
No time for sitting down (Clap, Clap)
Jumping with my brothers, singing loud!

La-la-la TFC heeeeey!
La-la-la TFC ohhhhhh!
La-la-la TFC heeeeey!
La-la-la TFC ohhhhhh!