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GameDayInterested in becoming Inebriatti? We are a group that expects member participation. We are looking for like minded individuals who fully embrace the supporter culture. Someone who stands with us in 114, sings for the full 90 minutes. Flags up and leave their voice at the ground.

We don’t have a membership fee. Membership is earned by contributing to the group. Coming to away viewings, banner paintings, road trips and other events. We do canvass for donations from time to time to make things like Tifos and banners a reality.

Look at the photo in the top left corner. Can you see yourself singing with us? If so, send us your name and email below and someone will get in contact with you with more information. We can also be reached through Facebook or Twitter as well.

Join Us

Don’t worry, we won’t spam you.  We just use this method, as it helps keep the spam we receive to a minimum.

Don’t think Inebriatti is the group for you?