Argos to BMO

Why are we so mad about the Argo announcement?

We feel betrayed.  After years of a terrible relationship between the owners and the fans it seemed like things were turning around.

Now a franchise that costs more than it makes is coming into our soccer specific stadium.   The seats will have to be changed and the grass will probably be destroyed.

They say that dates won’t be an issue.  What happens in the playoffs, if we ever make them?  What happens to the national teams?

The homeless Argos have been around for over 100 years.  Why hasn’t this been fixed before?  They had their chance and turned their back on it.  Now we have to bend over to accommodate them?

Lines on the grass are a concern too.  But that’s not our biggest issue.  It’s the feeling that the management, sponsors and governments do not respect the sport we love passionately.  This sport deserves a soccer specific stadium.